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  4. smidge

    OSRS Website

  5. smidge

    Arios - Back-end Leaked & SQL Dump

    might use this
  6. Yesterday
  7. smidge

    ApacheNick Complete Package + Web Shop

    Cheers matey
  8. smidge

    Zarpor - Leaked

    thanks dude
  9. smidge

    AhoyPK Website Release

    Thank you dude
  10. smidge

    Ralennor - Leaked

    Might use this
  11. smidge

    Impact-RS - Leaked

    I need to see this
  12. Danielca9

    ApacheNick Complete Package + Web Shop

  13. Adam200214

    ArteroPk - Released

    needed, thanks
  14. Cyber Works

    (Ruse) Wildercress 317...

  15. Tonymndz

    (Ruse) Wildercress 317...

    Just looking
  16. Noah Houser

    (Ruse) Wildercress 317...

  17. Kevy

    317 Loading OSRS - Xeric

  18. ronan10th


    Hi all im ronan10th so whats everyone up too on here? kinda new so do's and donts would be nice im sure the "Dont be a leecher" is somewhere :P
  19. ONLINE - 24/7 support from staff* - we make your ideas a reality! Appreciate the feedback, i'll have a chat with the co-owner about it. (you can put a random email btw, there's no email confirmation to start playing).
  20. smidge

    World 901 (rs2-server 474) REAL 474!

    Curious on this
  21. yrFate

    317 loading OSRS - Inferno Release

    nice reupload gonna take a look at this to learn a bit more about elvarg thanks!
  22. yrFate

    Best source to use?

    as long as you don't touch ruse with a 10 foot pole your better off for it other than that elvarg is great but it's mostly just a framework so its not ideal for someone who isn't prepared to write nearly all of their content. vencillio is the next step up from ruse so i wouldn't really recommend it unless your a total noob or have time to rewrite a lot of the core. apollo is good but much more of a pain to work with than elvarg and basically the same amount of content out of the box. hyperion is old but good to a point. pi is also old and has been through so many hands that its usually not worth the effort to fix up. there's a few new frameworks around that i haven't tried so perhaps one of those will be the next big thing.
  23. yrFate

    Eminem Killshot

    i don't know why MGK squared up to eminem but we got this song so im glad he did RIP his career tho.
  24. yrFate

    Jenny of oldstones

    this gave me chills in the latest GOT season. don't worry the song has no spoilers its used as a mood setter in the episode and nothing more.
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