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History of RSPS & Where it all Began

Today RuneScape Private Servers are insanely complex with features that rival the official version of RuneScape. however, it wasn't always like that. RuneScape Private Servers had to start somewhere and the beginnings weren't pretty. In today's article, we're going to explore RuneScape's first private server and how it spawned one of RuneScape's biggest underground markets. History of RSPS & Where it all Began Anyone unfamiliar with a private server it's bas


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Protect Yourself From Malicious RuneScape Private Servers

It is no secret in today's RSPS scene there is A lot of malicious activity going on with rats and browser password stealers learn how to protect yourself in this article.   So you've downloaded an RSPS but you don't know if you should trust it? don't worry we have all been there. Here is how they are stealing all your info and infecting your computers. Chrome\Browser Password Stealers When you run a server's client_name.jar or client_name.exe file they can execute code that


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What is an RSPS?

What is an RSPS?  A RuneScape Private Server, otherwise known as an RSPS, is a user-made server which possesses similar traits and content from the game ‘Runescape’. These Runescape Private Servers are usually managed by individuals or small teams with developers, community managers and administrators.  To create an RSPS, knowledge in programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP and SQL are required.  Are RuneScape Private Servers Dying? This question depends on the RuneScape Priva


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CEO of Largest RSPS in History Speaks out After 4 Years (SoulSplit - Pim de Witte)

For this article RuneSuite interviewed Pim de Witte founder of RuneScape's once largest private server soulsplit the private server averaged 2,000 concurrent players across its three games achieved 1.5 million dollars in annual net revenue and had three million unique accounts registered. First lets take a look at where it all began, SoulSplit 1 went live to the public in January of 2009 it was actually Pim de Witte's third attempt at a runescape private server his first being world e


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