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The Truth about MGT Madness (DawnTained RSPS Owner)

The hidden truth behind the success of DawnTained RSPS owner MGT Madness DawnTained Economy Back in the day DawnTained V1, V2  was an economy server that had been hosted twice failing both times. MGT was giving it his last shot and worked on another economy version of DawnTained (V3) for almost a year or two.   DawnTained V3 Economy Server Beta After a while of coding, he decided to host a beta between his friends and I


Ace in RSPS-Exposed

RuneAd Owner cant be Trusted || Fraud || Blackmail || Scam

The owner of RuneAd threatens owner of RuneSuite with Blackmail, attempts fraud\scam So where do I even start? Today I woke up with an email from PayPal saying that I have an active dispute for $80. I go to investigate and find out that its from the owner of RuneAd (Aaron)  I read the dispute and I'm shocked to see what was written: Now if this was true he would have a point but the whole story and evidence supplied is fabricated: Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.13.39 PM.pn


Ace in RSPS-Exposed

Rune-Server Rebellion Discord Chatlog Leak

Rune-Server Rebelion Discord Chatlog Leaked by Thakiller, looks like they hate quite a few people behind doors and aren't man enough to confront them about it. Childish mob mentality. Guild icon Unofficial Rune-Server Text Channels / spam-2  27-Dec-20 10:40 AM spam 2? Owain 27-Dec-20 10:48 AM Spam3 peter 27-Dec-20 10:48 AM stalinwave RuneHÜB George 27-Dec-20 10:51 AM Wtf Leviticus/Josh#2 27-Dec-20 10:51 AM Image attachment thisun 1  27-Dec-20


Ace in RSPS-Exposed

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