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What is a RSPS?

Wondering what a RSPS actually is? Let's start at the beginning. RuneScape is one of the most famous massively multiplayer online role-playing games ever made. With over 200 million registered players, RuneScape became the largest free MMORPG, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Besides that, RuneScape was also titled the most updated game. Since a few years however, RuneScape has started to release updates that the players did not really like, just to fulfil that title of 'most updated game'. This has resulted into the fact that players started searching for an alternative to RuneScape. This is where RSPS became hot. A RSPS is a RuneScape server that is not controlled by the managers of RuneScape, but by a private person. That's why RSPS are also called RuneScape private servers. A big benefit of RSPS is the fact that they're barely to even not limited. There's no more need to spend one year to reach a certain level, instead you can now reach that same level within a week in a RuneScape private server.

How do i host a RSPS?

RuneSuite is the perfect place to start!


If you are keen to start hosting a rsps follow these steps!

  • Head over to our DOWNLOADS section and download a source that suits you
  • Familiarize yourself with the framework and make modifications\patches to suit your vision
  • Think of a server name, Purchase WebHosting & Vps/Dedi
  • Start off your advertising scheme by posting in the RuneSuite Advertisement Section

What skills are required to run a successful rsps?






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Also you can also send @Ace a private message on the forums ❤️

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